Other People’s Poetry


by guest, Dawna Rae Hicks

Come back to my arms,
do not leave me just yet;
I am not done with you.
Leave the dishes in the sink.
There is a backdrop to everything –
a sheet of stars behind the noonday sky.
You must come and wonder at it with me,
just for a little while.

The coffee will make itself, given a chance.
Let us listen like the elderly do,
to the quiet room, to the breath of god
escaping our lips. A state of bliss
where we only own what happens.
Let the tinkerers rest
from hammering away industriously
at nothing



Dawna Rae Hicks is a poet, broker and single mother living in Toronto. After a long hiatus from writing she has returned to her first love, a bit more humble. She has been published in such books as Short Fuse (Rattapallax Press), 100 Poets Against The War (Salt) and Future Welcome (a Moosehead Anthology), and the e-book Poems for Madrid, which can be found through www.nthposition.com.