Councils and Committees

Member of the Coordinating Committee for the bp Nichol Chapbook Award, 2008 – 2009.
Member of the Art Bar Team for the Art Bar Poetry Series, 2008 – 2014.

Grants and Programs

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Commissions and Awards

2010 ReLit Awards, longlisted for Ten thousand Miles Between Us.
Summer Dream Poetry Contest, 3rd place (Pandora’s Collective), “Any Given City” (poem), Canada, 2006.
Poetry Plus, (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), “Yonge Line”, “Southbound” (poem), Canada, 2004.

Publishing History

Full-Length Collections

Brace Yourselves (poetry), Quattro Books, Toronto, fall, 2017, forthcoming.
Every Night of Our Lives (poetry), Guernica Editions, Toronto, September, 2016, 83 pp.
Ten Thousand Miles Between Us (poetry), Quattro Books, Toronto, October, 2009. 76 pp.

Chapbook Collections
Catching Dawn’s Breath (poetry), LyricalMyrical Press, Toronto, ON, 2008. 32 pp.
Leaning into the Mountain (poetry), Fooliar Press, Toronto, ON, 2006. 28 pp.
Everything is Still Burning (poetry), Latchkey Press, Toronto, ON, 2005. 44 pp.
Latchkey Soul (poetry), Sirens Press, Vancouver, BC, 1999. 40 pp.
Hostel Lives (poetry), Sirens Press, Vancouver, BC, 1999. 44 pp.

Where the Nights Are Twice as Long, I Think You Should Know, 2015.
The Poetry of Travel, Rush Hour (poem), The Canadian Fed. of Poets (forthcoming).
Revelation, Blessing (poem), Toronto, ON, 2004.
Algonquin Round Table, My New House is Empty (poem), Toronto, ON, 2000.
The Open Window Anthology, Sucker (poem), Hidden Brook Press, Toronto, ON, 2000.

Literary Journals
Grain, So it Goes Further Into Deepest Darkness (poem), Vol 44.4, Summer, 2017.
The Windsor Review, Second String, Breakdown, A Pornstar Beckons (poem), forthcoming.
Canlit, Mon-Fri (poem), forthcoming.
The Antigonish Review, Death Sentences (poem), No. 271, Spring, 2017.
The Antigonish Review, On the Q, Years Later (poems), Vol 48, Issue 189, 2017.
Prairie Fire, This is Unacceptable, We Are This Now (poems), Vol 38, No. 1, 2017.
The Antigonish Review, How Long Till You Become a God? (poem), Vol 45, Issue 185, 2016.
Queen’s Quarterly, Genesis 1:14 (poem), Winter, 2016.
Event,My Second Heart, The Old Hag (poems) 45:3, 2017.
Vallum, There’s No Peace at My Campfire, Last Scene (poems), 13:2, Montreal, QC, 2016.
Arc Poetry, Lie in the Grass (poem) 80, Summer, Toronto, ON, 2016.
The Antigonish Review, Tinnitus (poem) No 185, Antigonish, NS, 2016.
Contemporary Verse 2, Dad (poem) Vol.38, No.4, Spring, Toronto, 2016.
Existere, Ours is the Neighbourhood (poem), Vol. 35 Issue 1, Toronto, ON, 2016.
Ottawa Arts Review, Distinction (poem), forthcoming.
JuxtaProse Literary Magazine, Buddhists (poem), Vol. 2, June/July, Idaho, US, 2015.
Contemporary Verse 2, Every Night of Our Lives,If Not Cruelly (poem), Vol 37 No 4, Winnipeg, MB, 2015.
Prism International, de facto (poem), 53.2, Vancouver, BC, 2015.
Queen’s Quarterly, Little Ava Cries in Her Arms (poem), Kingston, ON, forthcoming.
Grain, At 31 Years Old, At 38 Years Old (poems), Vol 41.1, Saskatoon, Sask, 2014.
The Fiddlehead, Vincent, Duty, Liberated: Dreams for My Father, (poems), No. 261, Fredericton, NB, 2014.
Prairie Fire, Curse, Note to My Daughter 2, Antisocial, (poems),Vol. 35, No. 4, Winnipeg, MB, 2014.
Antigonish Review, Notes to My Daughter 1, No. 179, Antigonish, NS, 2014.
Vallum Contemporary Poetry, Shoplift, (poem), 10:2, Montreal, QC, 2013.
Contemporary Verse 2, Beijing Time, Spaghetti Western, (poems), Spring, Winnipeg, MB, 2013.
The Prairie Journal, Bones on a Road, (poem), Issue Number 58, Calgary, AB, 2012.
The Malahat Review, The Visible World, (poem), 182 Spring, Victoria, BC, 2013.
Descant, Natural Selection, Those That Cannot Do (Poems), Vol 45, No 4, Toronto, ON, 2013.
The Fiddlehead, Lucid (poem), no.252 (Summer), Fredericton, NB, 2012.
Queen’s Quarterly, Restless (poem), 119/2 (Summer), Kingston, ON, 2012.
Antigonish Review, Kick, Mercy Killing (poems), #170 (Summer), Antigonish, NS, 2012.
Existere, Vol. 30, No. 2, Pressure (poem), Toronto, ON, 2011.
Contemporary Verse 2, Vol. 33 No. 4, Night Driving (poem), Winnipeg, MB, 2011.
Prairie Journal, No. 55, Dear Fibonacci, Sijo for September 17, Ghazal for September 3rd (poems) Calgary, 2011.
Prism International, Vol. 49, No. 1, Note on a Fridge Door, Face (poems), Vancouver, BC, Fall 2010.
Prairie Journal, No.53, Despite the Truth (poem), Calgary, AB, 2010.
The Carolina Review, Vol. 61, No.1, Comma (poem), Chapel Hill, USA, 2010.
Vallum Contemporary Poetry, Lethbridge (poem), Issue 6:2, Spring, Montreal, QC, 2009.
The Antigonish Review, Human Traffic (poem), Number 156, Winter, Antigonish, NS, 2009.
Tower Poetry Society,Vol. 57, No. 2, Morning Robin (poem), Hamilton, ON, 2009.
Arc Poetry Magazine, 60, Summer, Thirtysomething (poem), Ottawa, ON, 2008.
Contemporary Verse2, Vol. 30, Issue No. 4, Imminence (poem), Winnipeg, MB, 2008.
Magma Poetry, 39, Winter, Kidnapped (poem), London, United Kingdom, 2007.
Tower Poetry Society, Vol. 56 No. 1, Restaurant and Café (poem), Hamilton, ON, 2007.
Freefall, Vol. XVI No. 2, Namdaemun Sestina, As These Words Unravel (poems), Calgary, AB, 2006.
Prairie Journal, No. 47, On hearing the morning call to prayer (poem), Calgary, AB, 2006.
Prism International, Vol. 45 No.1, Nonetheless, Louis Riel (poems), Vancouver, BC, 2006.
Birmingham Poetry Review, No. 32, The Overnight Bus… (poem), Birmingham, AL, USA, 2006.
Unclalibrated, No. 8, Picasso’s Guitarist (poem), Jasper, AB, 2005.
Lichen, Vol. 7 No. 2, 8:00 AM, Just Imagine (poems), Whitby, ON, 2005.
Quills, Vol. 11 No. 11, For the Minimalists (poem), Vancouver, BC, 2005.
On Spec, #62, Vol. 17 No. 3, He is almost there (poem), Vancouver, BC, 2005.
The Antigonish Review, No. 141/142, To Bob Dylan (poem), Antigonish, NS, 2005.
Vallum, Vol. 3 No.1, Face (poem), Montreal, QC, 2005.
The Prairie Journal, No. 43, From the Young Poets to the Old (poem), Calgary, AB, 2004.
Tower Poetry Society, Vol.53 No.2, Lightning Storm (poem), Hamilton, ON, 2004.
Queen’s Quarterly Vol. 111, Charlottetown (poem), Kingston, ON, 2004.
Wascana Review of Contemporary Poetry and Short Fiction Vol. 38, No. 1, Theory (poem), Regina, SK, 2003.
Labour of Love, Vol. 20, Trace… (poem), Toronto, ON, 2003.
White Wall Review, Ed. 26, men like us (poem), Toronto, ON, 2002.
Labour of Love, Vol. 18, very soon (poem), Toronto, ON, 2002.
Challenger International, Namdaemun Sestina (poem), Quesnel, BC, 2001.
Event Magazine Vol. 30/1, Ornament (poem), Vancouver, BC, 2001.
Canadian Literature, Vol. 168, Justification For Not Paying Attention (poem), Vancouver, BC, 2001.
Rain City Review, Vol. 1, Dark Richard (poem), Vancouver, BC, 2000.
Spin, Vol. 36, show and tell, In an Edmonton Suburb (poems), Australia, 2000.
Canadian Dimension, Vol. 34, No. 6, Hostel Life (poem), Winnipeg, MB, 2000.
Descant, Vol. 107, Apocalypse, Nostalgia (poems), Toronto, ON, 2000.
Labour of Love, Vol. 16, To the Perfectionist (poem), Toronto, ON, 2000.
Kairos Vol. 11, Donut Shop 3: Feast (poem), Hamilton, ON, 1999.
Intangible, Vol. 2, A Night Out (poem), Toronto, ON, 1999.
TickleAce, No. 36, Memorial (poem), St. John’s, NL, 1999.
Textshop, No 7, Sucker (poem), Regina, SK, 1999.
Green’s Magazine, Vol. XXVII, Number 3, Dementia (poem), 1999.
Grammateion XXIII, Donut Shop, High (poems), Toronto, ON, 1998.
Acta-Victoriana, Vol.153, No.1, Dante’s Cafe (poem), Toronto, ON, 1998.
Jones Av., Vol. I/2, Resting, Surface (poems), Toronto, ON, 1998

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Angels (poem), February, 2010,
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Rite of Passage (poem), August, 2008,
BlogTO (profile), 2006.
Good Reports, Louis Riel (poem) 2006.
Poemsilike, To the Perfectionist (poem), 2006.
TothWorld #39, After the Nuyorican, as these words unravel, To the Editor, I Know (poetry podcast), 2006.
AshVegas (commentary/poem), 2005., at a red light, it’s Christmas eve, left-handed poet (poems), 2002.
paperplates, Vol.4, No. 2, oyster (poem), 2000.

Looking Back Looking Forward (Anthology), LyricalMyrical Press, Toronto, ON, 2005. Editor. (Ezine), Toronto, ON, 2002-2007. Editor-in-chief.

Publishing History: Essays and Articles

Toro Magazine, April 10th, 2009, Quirks from My Father (essay), Toronto.

Toro Magazine, March 5th, 2009, Get Real First (essay), Toronto.

Toro Magazine, February 9th, 2009, Getting High on Hypocrisy (essay), Toronto.

Performance History

Ontario (Selected 2005-2016)

Muskoka Authors Association, Bracebridge, 2017.
Tree Reading Series, Ottawa, 2017.
Triple Book Launch: A Literary Ménage à Trois of Poetry, Toronto, 2017.
Boneshaker Reading Series, 2016.
Espresso Manifesto, 2016.
Hear Here, Toronto, 2016.
Cobourg Poetry Society, Cobourg, 2016.
Vallum Poetry Magazine Launch,Toronto, 2016.
The Oakville Literary Cafe, Oakville, 2016.
Word Up, Barrie, 2016.
Bloodlines, Toronto, 2016.
Fundraiser for Jacob Scheier, 2016.
Art Bar Poetry Series, Toronto, 2016.
Plasticine Poetry Series, Toronto, 2015.
Quattro and Guernica Reading Event, Toronto, 2015.
Saturdays at Portobello Toronto, 2014, 2015.
Art Bar Poetry Series Toronto, 2014.
Esperimenti, Toronto, 2014.
Livewords, Toronto, 2014.
St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, St. Thomas, 2014.
Descant Literal Journal Launch, Toronto, 2014.
Lyricalmyrical Press Festival, Toronto, 2013.
Blue Coffee Poetry Night, Toronto, 2013.
Italian Heritage Month Literary Marathon, Toronto, 2013.
Tree Reading Series, Ottawa, 2013.
The Beautiful and the Damned, Toronto, 2012.
Saturdays at Portobello, Toronto, 2012.
Wordstage, Toronto, 2011, 2012.
Rewriting Cities – CD Recording, Reading Engagement, Toronto, 2011.
p o e t r y’z o w n, Port Hope, 2011.
(Not so) Nice Italian Girls, Toronto, 2011.
Third Thursday Reading Series , Cobourg, ON, 2011.
Thornlea Secondary School, Markham, ON, 2011 (As part of TLOCP’s Poetry in Schools Program).
Poetry Now, Authors at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON, 2011.
LUminaries Reading Series, Sudbury, ON, 2011.
Livewords, Toronto, ON. 2011.
Coffee and Co. , Kingston, ON, 2010.
Society of the Spoken Word, Barrie, ON, 2010 (In collaboration with Carnegie Art Days).
Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, Ajax, ON, 2010 (As part of Random Acts of Poetry).
Covenant House, Sheppard Centre School, Toronto, 2010 (As part of Random Acts of Poetry).
Streetsville Spoken Word Series, Streetsville, ON, 2010.
Hot Sauced Words – As a member of the Poetry Rat Pack, Toronto, 2010.
Tea and Cookies Salon, Toronto, 2010.
The Artword Artbar, Hamilton, 2010.
Society of the Spoken Word, Barrie, 2010.
Coffeehouse Cabaret @ TKO’s, Toronto, 2010.
Rochdale Rhymes and Readings, Toronto, 2010.
Hot-Sauced Words, Toronto, 2010.
Sundays at The Windmill, Toronto, 2010.
Strong Words, Toronto, 2010.
(Not so) Nice Italian Girls, 2009.
Plasticine Poetry Series, Toronto, 2009.
livewords, Toronto, 2009.
Art bar Poetry Series, Audience Appreciation Night, Toronto, 2009.
Pivot Readings at the Press Club, Toronto, 2009.
Fascination Street, Toronto, 2008.
Coffee and Company, Kingston, 2008.
The Oral Stage, Patty’s Playhouse, Toronto, 2008.
Tower Power Society, Whitehern Historic House & Garden, Hamilton, 2007.
IV Lounge Reading Series, The IV Lounge, Toronto, 2007.
LitLive, The Sky Dragon Centre, Hamilton, 2005, 2007.
Diamond Cherry Reading Series
, Renaissance Café, Toronto, 2007.
Poetic Justice, Koffeehaus Konditor, Toronto, 2007.
Cryptic Chatter, The Renaissance Café, Toronto, 2004, 2006, 2008.
Fooliar Book Launch, Labyrinth Lounge, Toronto, 2006.
Green Fire Poetry Reading, Stouffville, 2006.
Saving the Planet, The Opera House, Orillia, 2006.
LyricalMyrical Book Launch, The Drake Hotel, 2006.
Art bar Reading Series, The Victory Café, Toronto, 2004, 2006, 2008.
Cooked and Eaten, Gordon Best Theatre, Peterborough, 2006.
Red School House Poetry Primer, Camden East, 2005.
Chat Noir Books, New Liskeard, 2005.
Lichen Journal Launch, Whitby Public Library, 2005.
Angels and Devils, The Phog Lounge, Windsor, 2005.

Outside Ontario/International (Selected 2000-2013)

Perfect Sense Reading Series, The Cornelia Street Cafe, New York City, 2014
Soul of a Poet, Goodbye Blue Monday, New York City, 2013, 2014.
Perfect Sense Reading Series, The Cornelia Street Cafe, New York City, 2010.
The Bookworm Reading Series, The Bookworm, Beijing, China, 2007.
McNally Robinson Booksellers, Winnipeg, MB, 2005.
The Rasp and the Wine, Remedy Cafe, Edmonton, AB, 2005.
North Battleford Public Library, North Battleford, AB. 2005.
Jasper Artists Guild, The Old Fire Hall, Jasper, AB, 2005.
The World Poetry Cafe, Vancouver, BC, 2005.
The Calgary Blow-out, McNally Robinson Booksellers, AB, 2005.
Sarah’s Place, Medicine Hat, AB, 2005.
MOST VOCAL Poets Society of Lethbridge, Round St Café, Lethbridge, AB, 2005.
Ship’s Inn, St., John’s, NL, 2002.
Shoe String Reading Series, Economy Shoe Shop Café & Bar, Halifax, NS, 2002.
Seoul Artists Network, Seoul, Korea, 2000, 2001.
Chapters Bookstore, Vancouver, BC, 2000.
Word On the Street, Vancouver, BC, 2000.

Radio (Selected)
Howl, CIUT (89.5 FM), Toronto, ON, 1998, 2001, 2006, 2009.
The World Poetry Show, Co-op Radio (102.7 FM), BC, Vancouver, 2005.
Wax Poetic, Co-op Radio (102.7 FM), Vancouver, BC, 1999, 2005.
The Lisa Tolliver Show, VWOX (1460 AM), New York City, NY, 2005, 2006.
Between The Covers, CBC (99.1 FM), Toronto, ON, August, 2004.
The Poetry Show, CKDU (97.5 FM), Halifax, NS, August, 2002, 2010.
The Drive-BY Suicide Transmission Drop, CKDU (97.5 FM) Halifax, NS, August, 2002.

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