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Released in the fall of 2016, his Latest Collection:

Every Night of Our Lives


“The twin themes of domestic adventure and dreams work together in Every Night of Our Lives to create a tactile and brightly coloured odyssey of the mundane. At times harrowing and sombre and at other times humorous and bizarre, Every Night of our Lives provides a meaningful account of middle-aged life in the new millennium.”


Excerpt from the book:

Every Night of Our Lives

In dreams
houses are ends
of sad tales; a lantern’s
glint in a parched land. The first touch
of rain.

each dream window,
a small abyss: memory
waiting closed-mouthed. The sting in its
blue lips.

is spared, trees are
here, just where their leaves touch
your face. Each, a fossil brush, drawing
you out.

You burn;
emerge bright
and trembling, a fierce
unfolding: you, dead to your own

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Also, Praise for Ten Thousand Miles Between Us:

Ten Thousand Miles Between Us (cover) by Rocco de Giacomo (Quattro Books)
“De Giacomo distils the existential horror and beauty (often at the same time) buried within the most seemingly mundane events. He does this with such effortlessness that I suspect he slips quite by accident beneath the surface of things, modestly and generously revealing to us what he has found there. … These poems are authentic, surprising and refreshingly relevant.”

– Jacob Scheier, author of the Governor General’s Award winning More To Keep Us Warm  

Excerpt From the book:
So Close
I walk for an hour
along the gravel breaker
between swells of wheat,
each step sinking deeper
into the aquarium calm:
enormous bodies above me,
armada-white and trailing
the sun, their wake
trickling down the shadow
of my back. Intimacy
is a mute exchange
with the immeasurable,
and returning
          I am drained,
breathless, stumbling up
the wooden steps, tearing
a toenail in the process.
The pain, unanchored,
drifts away.


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  1. Ravi
    January 20, 2015 @ 8:18 pm

    Awwwww, so so kind of you to say Ar Vhee I’m really plesaed that you loved it. I love reading all your poems, so it’s great that something I wrote resonated with you too Thank you for reading and commenting!

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