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Rocco is based in Toronto. He has been published in over 30 magazines and literary journals in Canada and abroad, including Descant, Queens Quarterly, Event and Canadian Literature. He has appeared on radio specials in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and New York City and has been commissioned to write poetry by the CBC. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the arts ezine, Latchkey.net, and is working on his third collection of poetry, "Everything is Still Burning: 20 Travel Poems." Another collection, published by Fooliar Press, is expected in the fall of 2005 Rocco has travelled much throughout Europe and Asia and Canada and all the places and experiences reflect in his writing. He has worked as a garbage man, a research reporter, a rickshaw driver, a hard labourer, and presently an English instructor for new Canadian immigrants. He has launched his website not only to promote his own poetry and art, but also to open an online venue for other artists like himself, struggling for an audience and a stake in a little immortality.

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I am really looking forward this this triple feature event!


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I’m really looking forward to this! Hope you can make it out!


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What a great night at Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto! While I read and Espresso Manifesto played, talented visual artist Danilo Ursini did his magic on the screen behind. Incredible!


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Photo from a great night at Hear Here! From left to right, artists Richard Glen, Lara Bozabalian, Valentino Assenza, myself and Andrea Thompson.