Embarrassing Poetry from My Youth

or Embarrassing Poetry From My Youth 
Existence turns and twists and plays with your mind
as you play with your hair;
straining to understand what someone is trying to convey,
while the problems of life buzz like cicadas,
in the tumult of an August afternoon,
on a brick and asphalt day.
The mind reaches out to create,
and images are freed from black letters
and your eyes sink and set and slowly realize
cool, wet grass kissing your feet,
as your soul, unchained to free
floats along a breeze upon an open endless field
shining green.
You dance and run as the yellow sun basks in the blue feather sky.
You laugh and cry a secret escape amongst the glittering tears
of some sunny day.
And as
the sprinkle of glittering rain washes away dirt and pain;
as the caress of breeze feathers the joy being;
as this wind-flowered field unfolds within,
it curls under and around and loves and accepts;
embracing you wonderful you embracing it.
Drink up this world as it melts into your veins,
carry the sunny place living in these black letters:
these words you try to understand,
as you play with your hair,
aware again of the buzzing cicadas
turning your inner existence out. 

Other People’s Poetry


Take your moon face away
into the mountains of so many cities
and stare down
The invisible dance
over the cemetery of spirits
and spirits talk
La noche ojos grande
Green alleys to the future
Ways to the magic cave
You splits in the spring wind
You have the key to all the doors
Be strong
Eat fish
Drink rum.


Victor Hernandez Cruz