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August’s Top Five Videos

5. There’s a bit of discussion on whether or not Federer’s superhuman aim was helped along with a dose of CGI. As a consummate cynic, I’m going to call it a fugazi. Not that a I doubt Ferderer’s abilities, but let’s face it, his abilities are worth MILLIONS, and there is no way his sponsors, agents, and team of lawyers would ever let him put those MILLIONS at risk by pulling a stunt like this. To make it more convincing they should have had the crew member signing a pile of legal waivers at the beginning of the video.


4. Never has the plight of humanity been so eloquently expressed in so few words.


3. I’ve been racking my brains to come up with something snarky to say about this video, but I’m at a loss. There is nothing you can say against an old couple just having fun.


2. Sheer giggle factor got this video to the number 2 spot. If anyone can understand, what is the guy asking the Ibex? And what in the world is an Ibex?


1. Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Please allow Carl Sagan to put your troubles in context for you.



With her little black heel caught
in the welcome mat,
dry leaves skitter like mice inwards:
and this breath is something stolen,
a safe-house where each of us
is familiar, an uninvited guest
and she is the hinge-pin
between what might be
and the policeman who approaches.


As appeared in The Carolina Quarterly, Vol 61, No.1, 2010.