March Image Gallery

Guest Photographer Paisley Rae.

It Was Just A Cool Construction Site Until I Found Out A Woman Died In That Fire

Lorelai has gone to the dogs

Super Bee Crinkly Flower





SunSet On The First Real Spring Day Trinity Bellwoods

Creepy Discarded Doll

Street Sparks





Paisley Rae is an emerging photographer committed to living the Urban Amish lifestyle. She keeps a minimal web presence and avoids speaking to anyone via telephone – unless there is a paycheque attached to the conversation. She periodically emerges from her Luddite existence to join or start bands, perform spoken word or just wreak havoc in general.


February’s Top 5 Videos (Hey, better later than never)

5. I asked Lisa if I looked anything like this guy and she said, “Of course you do honey. Now put your shirt back on.” Yeah, still got it! Eat your heart out, Old Spice Man!

4. You know, I don’t even have kids, but I’m already beginning to see his point. Then again, why do married people crawl over themselves for latest gossip on their single friends?

3. HA!

2. Jeese, Stephan King couldn’t have done a better commercial. Crrreeeepy!

1. GUN.