Bullying the Bully

For those of you don’t know, Bill Oreilly is a Fox News commentator with obvious leanings to the right. It’s not so much his political views that draw attention, but his aggressive and bullying attitude toward guests who refuse to see his point of view. In the following clip, he ends up “pulling the mike” from Jeremy Glick, whose father was killed in the attacks of 9/11. Jeremy was on the Oreilly Factor to talk about his position that the administrations of both Bush junior and senior were partially responsible for the attacks.


Glick, in an interview with Outfoxed.org, claims that immedietely after the show, Orielly threatened to “tear him to pieces”, and was encouraged by the staff to leave the building.

However, Orielly gets a lesson in bullying by none other than Phil Donahue, who was on the Oreilly Factor to discuss his support of activist Cindy Sheehan.


Wow. I never know Phil had it in him. The scary thing is that the Oreilly Factor gets a viewing (2.2 million) triple that of similar shows on other networks.